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Founded by Partners Farhan Rehman and Oguzhan Sheriff in 2013.


Our brand is built on secure, strategic, and responsive legal services.


Networks across Australia, United Arab Emirates and Africa.

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The law can be complex. We make it simple:

Our experience in providing successful immigration and business advice tells us that no matter how complex the law may be, every legal challenge will have a legal solution.


That is why we navigate the law to provide our clients with opportunities, not just to advise them of the limitations.


We understand that our clients simply want peace of mind on their legal matter. To achieve this, we have invested into the right people, networks and technology for nearly a decade.

Protecting Client Data:

Investing in Security Technologies

“Australian Law Firm’s Bold Move to Protect Client Data”

Rehman Sheriff Group was featured on Forbes in which we reiterated the importance of protecting and managing client data.


RSG continues to invest in security technologies that allows clients to access legal services without compromising on privacy and data integrity.


Read the Forbes article to uncover more about our commitment to client data protection.

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Immigration by investment or purchase of business, assistance with sponsoring overseas workers and review of a visa at the tribunal and Federal Circuit Court.


Comprehensive legal services to guide Australian businesses with structuring, regulatory compliance and more.

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