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RSG Lawyers & Associates is born out of Coburg, Victoria.

Founding Partners Farhan Rehman and Oguzhan Sheriff share a vision of operating internationally.


Networks across Australia, Africa and United Arab Emirates.

The company’s vision continues to grow – now servicing clientele on an international level.


Company outlook:


Our priority is to ensure our closed-network of clientele consistently receives the best legal advice so that their matters can be successfully finalised promptly.

Part of providing the best legal advice means accounting for future consequences, possibilities and likelihoods. Success now should not cost you your success later.

We do everything we can to make things easier on you, for now and in the future.


A strong desire for success as a legal practitioner meets an equally strong desire for success as a businessman.

Farhan’s responsibility at RSG Lawyers & Associates is to lead the company into further innovating the way legal advice is provided today, and to negotiate global alliances for company growth.

Farhan is currently a Registered Migration Agent and serves as a board member on the Australia Africa Business Council.

< Farhan Rehman

Principal Partner

For Oguzhan, providing legal advice to anyone is a privilege which he honours with the upmost care and diligence.

Oguzhan oversees the operational and tactical outputs of the firm – everything from systems and processes, to structure and management. He is focused on benefiting the firm’s clients financially, timely and strategically.

Oguzhan is a member of the Australia Turkish Business Council.

Oguzhan Sheriff >



Foreign Investment & Business Advisory

Legal advice and representation to position you strongly in your business or foreign investment opportunity. We advise on business compliance and strategy.

Immigration by Investment

Legal advice and representation for acquiring visa and/or residency in Australia through business, entrepreneurial or investment streams and opportunities.

Administrative Law

Legal advice and representation on application and disputes regarding decisions made by Australian regulatory or government bodies.

Professional Negligence

Legal advice and representation to obtain compensation or other appropriate remedies in cases where a client incurs wrong from negligence by a service provider.

Head office


Suite 5, Level 4
118 Queen Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000


Phone : (03) 9350 4440
Email :


MON-FRI 09:00 – 17:00
SAT-SUN by appointment only

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