COVID-19 Response

Putting community health and safety first.

Rapid response plan

Remote work

Rest assured, the quality of our service remains at the highest of professional standards despite working remotely.

Video consultations

All our clients have access to video consultations (and phone calls) to replace office meetings. Setup takes 5 minutes.

Tech upgrades

More efficient ways of working, communicating and researching so that our clients still receive the best legal advice.

Our response

To protect our clients, communities and general public, we have taken the necessary measures to work remotely as much as possible during COVID-19.

To ensure our clients succeed during COVID-19, we have invested into new technology and betters ways of working remotely:

1. Remote work guidelines
While our team is working remotely during this pandemic, we have created a strict internal confidentiality and privacy policy to ensure our clients’ information and documents remain safe.

2. Video consultations
We have upgraded our technology to allow for streamlined and more available video communication.

3. Technology upgrades
We now utilise faster internet connectivity, have expanded our online resource database, improved our online file storage system, and can now share files with clients through our online client portal.

For added peace of mind, we are running enhanced cyber-security, encryption and firewalls on all our online activity.

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