Wills, Estate & Probate

downloadRSG Lawyer’s Wills and probates service is specialised for you personally. It is professional and we offer a competitive price. Our lawyers appreciate and understand the importance of maintaining family relationships and attempt to resolve disputes without the need for legal proceedings.

A Will is a legal document that details how your property and assets are to be divided and passed on after your death. It is imperative that we all have a legal Will. This is because it is the best way to ensure our family members and loved ones are properly provided for and to reduce the likelihood of estate disputes arising. You should still make a legal Will even if you think you have little to leave behind. This is because if you pass away without a legal Will, your estate will be distributed using a standard formula determined by the government.

There are some requirements for making a legal Will. These may change from state to state however in general the requirements are:

  1. You must have testamentary capacity. That is you must be over the age of 18 years and have the capacity to understand what you are doing;
  2. The legal Will must be in writing; and
  3. The Will must be signed in the presence of two witnesses for the Will to be valid.


Probate is the process which involves the making of an application to the Court of Probate to certify the validity of a Will and confirm the authority of the executor. Upon the grant of probate the executor will attain the power and authority to administer the estate in accordance with the Will makers wishes.

If you or someone you know requires assistance in drafting their legal Will or want to apply for probate, please contact us.